Healthlife is a professional wholesale PPE Suppliers with Protective Clothing, Hand Sanitizer, KN 95 Mask

We are based in Dalian, China, and California, USA. We cooperate with hundreds of high-quality factories and distributors in China and the whole world and are committed to providing the best quality and price of PPE products. Our Chinese team is committed to the inspection of the cooperative manufacturers and the control of the quality of the products we provide and control the latest product trends for customers with the best price. All products we provide have guaranteed FDA and CE certification. All products we provide have passed FAD, CE certification. We hope to cooperate with more distributors.

Healthlife Service-Shipping PPE  to the whole world with Hand Sanitizer, KN 95 Mask, Wet Wipes

We provide high-quality products at unbeatable prices. PPE safety gear, Protective Cloth, Liquid instant hand sanitizer, Digital non-contact thermometer, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Instant Test Kits, Washable mask, KN95 mask, Alcohol wipes, Protective clothing or hat Medical devices, Medical equipment, etc. with whole world shipping. We are leading suppliers of high-quality products worldwide.    



      1. No stock products cannot be restocked in a short time. Please choose to replace products with stock.

      2. Shipping Information: Take 2-3 Weeks in the most case, part of products can be shipped in one week.

      3. Regarding the N95-Shengjingtang Niosh Test Results 

      4. Regarding KN95- TOMSON NEWT Niosh Test Results


01/  Respond to COVID-19

The global coronavirus outbreaks the life and operations of people, industries, governments and supply chains that have brought many challenges and pressures to everyone.

We deeply understand the current situation of each customer. In the same situation as your guys, we are currently facing the changings about that manufacturers are in short supply, prices are rising daily; freight costs are doubling, and the instability of international transportation channels. But we will still try our best to guarantee you the best products and services at the best price.

Let us warm each other together to overcome the difficulties, we always believe that this world is warm and beautiful.

02/Federal Policy that Follows

What Federal Policy we should follow? Read this one.

03/ About Current Policy

In extraordinary times, we currently have no energy to deal with any refunds or returns.

We have always been committed to providing the best service at the best price. Because our existing manufacturers' partners cannot fully meet our needs, many cooperative factories have received orders from various countries' governments, including ourselves factory. The production has been arranged for June or July. Therefore, the Chinese team must constantly inspect new cooperative factories or communicate with our partner factories in advance of the orders. And We will also abide by the policy and give priority to deal with the orders of government or medical institution.

04/ Last words

Under the epidemic, humans are so vulnerable

Finally, share with a little bit of my own feelings
I used to think that I was a very powerful and proud individual that there was nothing that I couldn't handle in this world. But during the epidemic, I truly felt how small and powerless an individual in the entire world economy and the entire natural law. Human beings are a community, we should support each other and respect nature. Let us wait together.

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Face Mask

Personal Care Mask: KN 95,Disposable Mask ,Cloth Face Mask

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Hand Washing Sanitizer and Wipes

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Face Shield 

Face Shield and Protective Hats

Fist Aid kits

Medical Devices

Medical Equipment and Devices


What You Need to Know

We founded Healthlife with one principle in mind - providing an incredible shopping experience for our customers. We work hard to provide exceptional customer service and pride ourselves on never straying from our founding principles. If you are doing a large-scale purchase for the enterprise, hospital, government, please contact us directly by email to seek a lower internal quotation. We are willing to serve the enterprise, hospital government with the manufacturers' contact information and factory price.